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lin will be an amazing player next year and win lots of games
yes hes awsome
hell no he sucks

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he can win games fo da rockets but he is not awesome but i cant hate on him he is good i dont care if they win games or not i just care bout us da knicks lets go all the way
Lin will put up superstar numbers in houstan, but his team still gonna suck unfortunately because he has no help. He might have to carry his team like drose did.
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I wish there was a "None of the above" option. Lin doesn't suck, but he's not awesome either. He could be really good in Houston, but only because there aren't many players for him to pass the ball to and he excels in isolation. That "Score-first PG" mentality is the main reason why Lin wouldn't have fit here in New York. Rockets ain't gonna win anything, though, I'll tell you that. LOL
he is just a one hit wonder!
I picked this answer becuz yes he can attack the basket and move well in the paint. My problem with him when he was with my knicks is that he turns the ball over to much. Your a point guard. Ur first job is to make your teammates better and pass the ball first, then if not you shoot when opportunity arises!