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Pecko112 asks...
More likely to happen...
Melo scoring champ
Chandler DP of the year

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he is a scoring machine
melo can be a scoring champion but tyson already won DP of the year so
Nobody in the league can guard him. You can only hope to contain him or hope he's off that night
If he wants that title he needs to drop 29 everygame because Kevin Durant will be right there. I say he should go for MVP
Melo will be scoring champ! I say this because if you remember in 08. When Melo and team USA won Gold. Melo was a new person when the season began!! He was outspoken which is something he rarely does. He was elusive when giving the ball, and he made his teammates betters. It was amazing! I've been a Melo fan all my life and that 09-10 year he lead his team to the Western Conference finals in which he lost to of course Kobe Bryant(Who's a douche)!!!
Quite possible but don't expect it not to be close with the D Player this year... I think everyone's game is going to step up!!!
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You can't always put the ball in the whole every night; but you can always bring the Defense.