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knickfan21 asks...
who do you think will start at the 2 until shump gets healthy
J.R. Smith
Ronnie Brewer

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i like his game never saw ronnie brewer play
You picked "J.R. Smith". Tell us why.
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Jr is more of a sixth man
Ronnie just like Jake said he is more of a sixth man
We Like JR off the bench. spread the floor with Novak :)
jr cant start hes one of those electrifying guys off the bench he will take ten shots in five minutes he wants to come off the bench and get all the shots with the reserves
Ronnie Brewer will most def will! J.R. is lethal when he comes off the bench as a six man!! That is where he does the most damage!!
I guess it will be revealed after practice/pre-season .. hard to tell now with so many possibilities on the team!!!
J.R will be our power off the bench
Brewer proved himself in chi-town & utah. J.r. has always been better off the bench & can pick up the scoring slack when Melo isn't on the floor.