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has melo learned to pass more and to play defence?
no still a ball hog
yes 2013 champians

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yeaa he showd us some great passing skills and defense when hes locked in all he needs is to have more efficient defense which i think he can do
he never was a ball hog so he did pass but he has improved on defence 2013 NBA Champions NYK
That is the thing about fans or spectators!! In Melo's career he never was a ball hog!! Does he knows how to score the ball when he gets it? Yes, but he knows how to make players better as well. WHen he passes the ball to his teammates they don't score, so in order to bring his team back in the game he has to do what he does best! Be the BEST SCORER!! With this new core group we have so many weapons that he doesn't have to score as much!! Champions 2013
Melo actually started passing the ball when Coach took over last year ... I like how he perform during the Olympics too and hope some of that shot month of coaching rubs off for the best!!!
U can c it in his 2012 knicks games & the Olympics. Remember the Knicks never had a consistant point guard in 2012. & he still had dimes,but 2 often w/lack of spacing(p.g. sets this up)he had 2 score all the time.