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knickspal1 asks...
Are the Knicks a better overall unit than last season?
Yes, why
No, why

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Definitely a ton load more of experience and a roster with more than half physical players..
More veterans - more experience
yess we have way more depth at the guard spots and defense is back in the garden
yes better looking roster and having a full summer camp with melo and stat
experience, more rings, have already earned 'respect' due to acheivements, yet still can contribute AND mentor young talent.
definitely, we have developed a great bench
Yes because we've improved defensively by signing Marcus Camby, Ronnie Brewer, Felton!! Lin doesn't play defense!! That problem is solved. We'll see if you will hear any noise about Lin in houston!
yes we r lol it sounds funny but i think we 2 much depth lol i just dnt want anyone 2 get left out n so what lin left pablo would buss his ass
Tell us why you picked your answer...
Absolutely we got nice pieces but like that Lin fan said, we would have been much better with Lin
when lin went down thy had pg
2 Seed here we come!
better fit around melo,lin messed up melo and amare they got felton back defense its gonna be fun this year
well put together team
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No lin