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Naumas King asks...
Knicks Should Trade Stod
Yes For Josh Smith
No Keep Him

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STAT is injury prone, plus him & Melo don't work well together!
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keep him stat and melo plays well together and stat saved NYKs basketball
Stat is working very hard this off season to continue the good form he had befor he messed his hand up. I would like to see him put more effort with his defense.
WHY? So that we can have more chemistry problems? And why Josh Smith? That's a downgrade if you ask me. Y'all need to cut Amar'e some slack. He's had one bad season due to back injuries but now he's healthy again and getting ready to dominate. He and Melo will be one hell of a duo.
smit takes bad stots
Felton is back, pablo is nice from the Argentinean Olympics so our PG's should be able to work well with Amar'e #Knockonwoodson :)
Hell NO!!!/// STAT is way better that J Smith!!
and honestly i wouldn't trade anyone on our roster we have everything we need. the only exception i would make is if we trade for cp3 this year cuz he still wants 2 play with his best friend melo. along as that trade doesn't include shump like that steve nash trade we were gonna do
Building chemistry takes time & this 1st.full season training will help. Smith is ok,but 2 reckless. Plus stat is training w/Akeem the dream(an nba champ & hall of famer,who helped lebron last summer(bron never had low post moves b4)now he's got a ring.