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Pow Six asks...
LAKERS(have Dwight)OR HEAT which team is a number 1 team to beat?

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Because I hate the motherfuckers
i hate them so much it ain't even funny
miami cuz da lakers didnt get no better
Miami are the champs and the team to beat.
miami has the best player in the world and they are younger they got better with ray and rashard the lakers are good but i will still take the heat 1.heat 2.thunder 3.lakers
honestly i could give a damn, becuz i despise both teams, but the championship in which we so desire goes thru MIAMI since they will be the defending champs
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Lakers have more weapons now that they Dwight.
Makes them a harder team to beat especially with Kobe Paul and Nash around him!!!
lakers have 4 stars in there starting 5
lakers have stars in the poistons that are needed plus none are ball hogs beside kobe with is ok wade james bosh are all ball hogs.