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Co'Killa asks...
Do you think carmelo anthony should be playing in the London Olympics with a sore hamstring.

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"I'm fine," Anthony said on Thursday. "It's nothing serious." he will have great experience! Also he has his best after the Olympics! you can read about is here ->
A hurting playing would not be as effective as melo...notice how coach K replaced Griffin with Davis in a heart beat knowing he need healthy players... Melo's fine and should be OK.. look at the rest of the team that played with nicks and bruises...
he is already playing so
"Yes i am fine" said Melo, "and by the way, if USA win, people gonna think that i am not lazy, i got sore but i still play and win, i am a hero yes baby, and the secret is, if USA lose, it's not my fault, yes i still get sore hamstring, you know" LOL, Melo need Popularity after the dead of linsanity