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Knuxter asks...
Anyone ever ask themselves: "What if Dwyane Wade made that last 3-pointer in Game 4 of the Knicks-Heat series?"
Don't remind me...
When was that?

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what r u talking about
Man, the Knicks would've been swept AGAIN... Melo would've been blamed for all of it... I ask myself this question every once in a while and the thought haunts me to this day.
Knuxter... you are saying the truth... if the Knicks were sweeped, Melo would've been blamed when it's really not his fault.
Lucky Win Because the heat let them win
we wouldve been swept instead of only winning one game i dnt see the difference we still lost the series and i think stat wouldve been blamed more than melo
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I just want everybody to know that Miami and Wade lost that game on purpose because they don't want Melo to be humiliated by the fans. They could have destroyed Knicks easily. Knicks will never beat Miami unless Miami did Knicks a favor in the future. Why? Because l'James and Wade are all Melo's friends and they are all backed up by CAA? They want to help each other to win games. That's how Jeremy Lin got beaten by Miami and melo didn't help him at all. So cruel but it's true.