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Pecko112 asks...
Are you still a fan of Jeremy Lin ?
Yes ! Why?
No ! Why?

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He's a great guy.
Yeah I will continue to watch him play, but he is gone. The Knicks must move further. Im a Knicks fan and hope melo carries the team again
The best ever player
I want him to succeed, but he was a phenomenon , granted, at the perfect time for the Knicks, and when the dust really settles...he is a very talented, but unproven commodity. Even with a hot game or two here and there, you can't hide the fact that he was basically swallowed up after teams figured out how to play him...he I think will have a fine career , mostly as a "quarterback" for the offense of the team - which is rare to find the perfect balance in todays game - ala Steve Nash..
Was Chandler, Imam Lin and knicks fans, Will always be
hes not a knick but i still hope he has a gud career and i dnt wnt him 2 win any games against da knicks but i hope he can be succesful
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Hell No, I like him because he was a Knick. He's not good at all and is going back to the D-League soon.
I can learn to like players on other teams, like D-Rose, CP3, and KD, and Lin's going to have to play at that All-Star level in order for me to like him. He's a cool guy and his story is an inspiration, but now that he is no longer a New York Knick, he is irrelevant to me.
i never was i liked him but never a fan
HE IS NOT A KNICK!!! FYI: I respect LeBron and a buch of other players but not a fan -- They are not representing me and my hometown. LET'S GO NEW YORK!!!!
he turned the ball over to much wasn't a true point guard wasn't really a fan
i always hated him
not a knick
i was never one
because once the knicks said they were going to match the offer jeremy lin went back nto the rockets GM and asked for more money....he screwed the knicks over