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mark6 asks...
what will be the Knick's weakest point this coming season?

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Offense, mike woody is a defensive coach and our defense got better. I know our defense will be good but our offense not sure. We need to do more than just ISO. We need ball movement and set screens. Steve Novak needed screens to be set for Novak to knock down 3's. Mike woodson didn't provide that for melo. And who else is our consistent scorer besides melo
we have a good defence coach and a great defence leader in chanler ,so its time for mello to play the low post and stop getting the ball one step in the three point line ,when we get that we be good maybe he should go see the dreamso he can find out he took hakeem the dream spot as the most effective low post scorer in the game
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Where is the option "None of the above"
neither will be a problm but since shump wont be back till january i have to choose defense
defense we got melo and stat so are offense is going to be pretty good but we got a lot of defeners now so we should be okay