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knickfan21 asks...
do you think raymond felton will b as good as he did when he was a knick

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YUP AND BETTER!!! He is where he wants to be and will be training hard -- he has somethings to prove (one being that we are not lost without Lin, two that we should have never let him go).
Ray is in shape and should have a good year.
Ray Ray never wanted to leave and was hitting his stride, when he was traded, basically to the bench..hard to adjust. He's been given a major shot to his game.
the only ? is will he be in shape and he said he already is in shape and trainin
He wasn't happy or motivated in Portland and it showed in his game. But now that he's back on a team that he wants to be, he's gotten back in shape and he's eager to prove his critics wrong.
He might even play better
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Not if he doesn't get in shape