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Quis_Da_Realist asks...
Do we hav a consistent scorer dat can create their own shot besides melo
Yes, and Who

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Shut up @Quis_Da_Realist, Lin not here we dont care stop bringing him up like we miss him DAMN! And Lin was not a consistent scorer he didn't even score that much after the 7 good games he had. And we do have consistent scorer this year and players that can create there own shots like Smith,White,Stoudemire,Felton,Prigioni,Brewer and Copeland learn the game of BASKETBALL Dumb ASS!
Amar'e Stoudemire if u watched him when he was in phoenix he was unstopable but after he got hurt that year he slowed down and since the nba a had a lock out and all the games were back to back stat said he couldnt get better but now this off season stat said he is back healthy again so stat can create for himself
jr,shump,amar'e and tht is all they need
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I'd say no,lets break it down. JR smith, no not consistent. Shump, he injured. Steve Novak, hell no. Amare, nope. Ray Felton, we dont know yet. Kidd, please he too old. Check the rest of the roster and tell me. I dont think there is, the only person that could do that was jeremy lin. He could score consistently but we dont got him no more. we need to move foward and find another scorer besides melo. Because most of the players we have cant create their own shots.