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truknickfan asks...
are there knicks fans that are fans of the game and other players?

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yea i guess melo is better than lebron melo is da truth
I will always be a knicks fan. no matter who's on the team.
some of these answers to questions are ridiculous!!! like the one about lebron or melo. are you serious? lebron is waaaay better than melo. bron is a leader that get his guys involved in the game. and it was one who is better dhoward or tchandler? i want some of what some of you are smoking, for real!!!
Absolutely, we have so many fake knicks fans. Now that all the lin fans are gone it all good. But wait we have melo fans. Fake knicks fans that are only knick fans because of melo. What if melo leaves, u still gonn be a knick fan