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Quis_Da_Realist asks...
Are the knicks a better team than the Heat.

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yes all they have is 4 ppl lebron dwade chris bosh nd ray allen who else chambers is a bum
close but i chose knicks cuz shumpo will shut down d wade and if melo is commited to defense they will have a good chance of beatin
yes now they are we probably could have beat then last season in the playoffs but a lot of r good player were hurt like stat, davis and lin
All our new pick ups and ik melo is willing to do what it takes to get tht ring
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the heat are better but lets see what will happen this season
Sadly no, we have some great pieces but I dont think we have enough offensive weapons to be better than the heat. The only consistent scorer is melo. Thats what we need a consistent scorer than can get his own shot.
they have a championship we dont only diff but seasons starts over every year ........ thank god
Not yet. But the Knicks have a great team this season.