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Tanvir23 asks...
Who plays better at the center position?
Tyson Chandler
Dwight Howard

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Amelo16 is not a fake fan. @Quis_Da_Realist you are because everything you post is about Jeremy Lin and he's not a Knick so take your punk ass to the Rockets site.
howard better on offense tyson better on defense....when knicks vs. magic tyson held dhoward to 4 points in both games
i got to say tyson im a knicks fan
TC dnt ask to be traded every 2days
while tyson is not as skilled as howard ,tyson is a over acheiver and howard with all his gifts is a under acheiver ..... point blank
chandler shut dwight out when we versed the magic
He can make free-throws and he is willing to dive for balls n always getting tip offensive rebounds
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this is not even close. howard is waaaaaaaaay better
Tyson and Dwight Howard are pretty much equals on defense, but on the other side of the court, it's Dwight by a landslide. Plus Dwight is like the Rebound King. If Tyson was not offensively challenged, then this would be a lot closer.
Are you serious, come on dwight howard is the best. He has great post moves, and is execellent defensively. Amelo your a fake knick fan