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Quis_Da_Realist asks...
Who's a better overal player Melo or Lebron.

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haha without a doubt! melo can take a hit and score while lebron flops all over the place and melo is a great scorer and along with forcing turnovers and have u seen usa vs Nigeria melo MADE HISTORY!!! MELO ALL DAY NO MATTER WHAT!!!
Carmelo Anthony cuz he has a great jumper and a good post game and Lebron has a broke jumper all he does is drive to the basket and if he doesnt have a good layup or dunk he pass the ball to a open man then get an assist {melo is da truth}
Lebron is a better overall player. I love melo, but lebron is a better defender and passer. Lebron can make his teammates better. However melo is a better scorer than lebron, melo is an offensive genius.
All LeBron does is drive to the basket... Melo can do much more than that.
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respect his game IMO he the best in the league right now. I love my knicks and I give props where it is due
im a knicks fan and i love melo but i gotta say lebron is the better overall player but melo deffinatly is the better scorer
This is tough... Both of them can rebound, both of them can lead, both of them can score, and both of them wear headbands! Melo's the better scorer, and I'm not sure who plays better defense now that Melo is in better shape, but LeBron has this incredible talent for finding his teammates in the right spots, so I've gotta go with him.
I mean the assists are incredible