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Amelo16 asks...
Who is a better scorer
Carmelo Anthony
Kevin Durant

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It's Melo hands down. The main reason KD averages so many points is because he takes way more shots. KD has the better jumper, but he doesn't have much of a post game. On the other hand, Melo can score no matter where he is: posting up, mid-range shooting, dunking, attacking the basket, clutch shots, put-backs, three-pointers... Melo can do it all.
i got to say melo but KD is better then kobe{melo is da truth}
Carmelo Anthony has the talent of no other. Yet Kevin Durant is Huge have an arm reach of a enlarged Pterodactyl. That is why he can score so easily. But pure talent is definitely Carmelo.
Melo but it can also be a tie depending on what way you see it. but i choose melo because he ca score in so many different ways, he is a offensive genius
More power when he go to the hoop.. KD is not as good a contact shooter!
melo & durant both are excellent jump shooters, but where I give melo the edge his post game when he get in the post its bully basketball!!!