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Mike Ganfeld asks...
Who is more valuable to the Knicks?
Carmelo Anthony
Amare Stoudamire

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Good question. I would say both of these players are very valuable but Carmelo is younger and has less injuries... But dont get me wrong Amare is a beast and an explosive player. I thank Amare for having such a great success with the Knicks. Now Melo and Amare need to learn how to play together. Training Camp will help but wont do it all. They are both scorers. They both need the ball a lot. I'm sure Mike Woodson will work it out.
melo cuz stat gets hurt a lot but stat is healthy now amare is raw but {melo is da truth}
Carmelo cuz Amar'e is good on the deffensive side but we don't have a player that can do better on offense than Melo.
A better shooter but stat is more a power player!!!
carmelo is my best nba player carmelo anthony bout 2 get his second olympics nd he is one of the best shooter in nba
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Melo is our best player no doubt but we will only get 2 the top if amare starts 2 get his touches and go 2 work like we all no he can.
We all know what melo can do and we have seen melo do it for us many time since coming to the knicks. But as we see its not enough we need amare to be just as dominate as melo. Thats why I think amare is more valuable rite now.