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gustyb7 asks...
Who is a better point guard?
Jeremy Lin
Raymond Felton

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how to compare the two? one is gone, one is here now, so why the question? b/s, nyers don't need to hate jeremy. he brought here nothing but goodness. and who knows if he'll be back here 3yrs later? better be prudent with opinions.
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why r there still lin questions being asked follow him n houston
felton he is a pass first guard a point guard is suppost to pass a make plays jeremy lin set hiself up for a shoot {knicks r da truth}
Who cares.. as far as we're concerned Lin's the past and we're in the now!
Felton if he is in shape he is better, but Lin plays identical to him and is more explosive, gets to the free throw line. But 2 years or maybe 1 year Lin will be better. Way better
can pass without making hurtful turnovers
Felton has way much experience... He doesnt have high expectations, so he can take advantage of that. He is very quick. underrated 3 point shooter, passer, and scorer