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gustyb7 asks...
Which position does the Knicks need to sign

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I think the Knicks should sign T-Mac, He can play PG, SG, AND SF. Hes still a good playmaker, and i think its time for him to get a ring, just like the Knicks kept Mike Bibby last year i think the Knicks should sign T-Mac ,or if not Shawne Willams
maybe we can get another 3 point shooter like novak
I think the Knicks need defensive forward to stur things up on the defensive end. Someone like a Matt Barnes.(Not saying we should sign him)
maybe josh howard or carlos deflino!
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kenyon martin
Not necessarily a center, that's already covered with Camby and Thomas. Copeland looks like he could fill the void as well as maybe White, but if they could get Kenyon Martin, we have a legitimate chance to go deep this year.
We have 3 point guards, 3 shooting guards, 3 small forwards, 3 power forwards, but only two centers.
need big men to help
The Knicks need a deffensive PF... I admit that Amar'e is a good deffensive player, but he can't do it all alone!!