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Amelo16 asks...
Who is the better point guard
Jeremy Lin
Rajon Rondo

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I like Jeremy Lin much better than Rondo in different ways. I have to admit, Rondo has much more experience and skills than Lin but I really don't like his altitude. Lin is the classy kid. Nobody can the same as him. He has great potentials and he already made history in NBA no matter how haters think about him. So I choose Lin. But this question should not even asked because both of them are not in Knicks.
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rajon is a great point he is a better passer and rebounder he is not just the better point guard he is a better player {knicks r da truth}
he can pass without making hurtful and stupid turnovers
Rondo. Rondo is possibly the best PG in the league (don't take my word -- youtube some highlights).
If Jeremy was still on the Knicks all of the votes would be different, but I still think Rondo's better.
Why does it matter, we not gettin Rondo and Lin's gone!!!!
No one better not pick Lin, and why would u make a question like this. Rondo is elite
Rajon Rondo doesn't have like 16 turnover per game and plus he has more experience than Lin
y ask this question??
this isnt even a ? jeremy lin is just another back up PG
This is a joke , Rondo can pass twice as good. An the basketball Iq is years away between the 2.