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Jake Reifer asks...
Should we try and sign Kenyon Martin
Yes, because...
No, because...

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Would be interesting.
yea defence {knicks r da truth}
We need depth at PF in case either STAT or Thomas gets injured and Martin's a talented veteran.
Kenyon Martin is tough, plus reuniting him with J Kidd with whoa (Black Rob Voice)
brings a lot more depth to the defense, a defense that looked almost invisible last season!!
boy has lot's of ball skills
Martin is beast at defense and we need a deffensive player!
I would love to see him in a Knicks jersey.
4 sure Kmart has alot left in him.
He would be a definite help to Amar'e and Melo, spreading the floor, blocking shots and getting rebounds when they are out.
May as well add some more to the aged players on our roster...
He would allow Tyson Chandler to sit when tired , add a defensive presents , an quite frankly seal cap room if they released Amare Stoudemire.
ha! yes! we need someone who can come off the bench and play good d down low and get some vicious boards
i haven't heard of him hope he is better than fields
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No because i think that we need a playmaker we have enough big men like Thomas, Camby, Chandler, Stoudimire... Bring in T-Mac he brings in Veteran Leadership he still can be perductive hes not the guy that he use to be, but hey i think its time for him to get ring, and why not with the Knicks?