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Tanvir23 asks...
Do you think the Knicks can get in the second round with the new roster?
Yes, because
No, because

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we goin all da way {knicks r da truth}
The Knicks should win their division this year.
Ofcourse, we have Carmelo Anthony the key to this club is health. Because when Melo was healthy he dominated in April, if we would of have Lin, STAT, and SHUMPERT in the 1st round 100percent i think we would of re wrote history and beat the Heat
We'll have a full season which means more rest and a full training camp to gel together.
Our depth is much better this year.
its time.
we are the BOSS!!!!!!!!!!
Yeah definetly... I predict that we finish 4th. We will have a strong chance to reach the Eastern semi finals. Then its all down to the execution and defense if we want to reach the Finals
yes, we have good leadership a strong bench, good coach, great fans, good offensive and defensive game
Yes, because we have an excellent bench now!!
They have the best back court , also Carmelo has lost weight and he has finally admitted his mistakes on an off the court. Also The new coach will allow them to
We got defense on our side, We got Melo and Amare is working with the dream. Need I say more?
Why NOT?