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gustyb7 asks...
Who is a better 3 point shooter?
Steve Novak
Ray Allen

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Super Novak!
i have to go with novak im a knicks fan {knicks are da truth}
novak hits them automaticaly,,, allen shoots way more 3's and misses more then novak.
too good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Knicks for life
He had a better shooting percentage for 3 pointers last season.
Who lead the league last season? Ray is older and more experienced while 3Vak is still developing. I hope the team develops more Pick and pop shot for him coming off screens. And actually getting him the ball ...wink wink - JR stop holding the ball!!!
Steve Novak Is The Bomb... Ray Allen Is No Match For Novakane!!!
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Yes I'm a Knicks Fan BUT -- Ray Allen can create his own space for a 3. Hey Novak, love that you are with us / love what you do but I hope you are practicing RIGHT NOW AND EVERY DAY how to create your own space to get those 3s up. An excellent 3 point shooter is nothing if he cant get them off.