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Alan Tolbert asks...
Will the Knicks make it to the Eastern Conference Finals this year?
Miami is too good.

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We goin all the way {melo is da truth}
WHY NOT ??????????????????????????????
first of all its the conference finals so theres a possibility that the knicks can vs the heat and the knicks have arguably the best bence in the league we have way too much depth to be beat
jason kidd, carmelo anthony, amare stoudemire, tyson chandler, and iman shumpert make a pretty good team also (mike woodson led the team to a 18 in 6 record with only melo and chandler
if we seed well in the regular season and dont bullshit like last year.. we need to seed top 4 to make that happen but i think we can tho
The Knicks have probably the deepest team in the east outside of maybe (the ever aging celtics)
I actually like the upgrade even though we pick up some old players and probably owns the oldest bench now. I still favor our chances to conference finals!!!
We're deep as hell...healthy, strong defensively, tough PG play, wings with chips on their shoulders, one of the best front-courts in the league, and coming off a 18-6 reg season to boot!
knicks raw
Point guard that passes to melo and stoudemire
Kidd passin to Carmelo