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Do you think the Knicks will get Chris Paul when he becomes a free agent
yes! because
no! because

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Because he has repeatedly said he wants to be a Knick, and Melo and Tyson are both really close friends with CP3, so i expect him to be wearing blue and orange in the future!
I would love the Knicks to get CP3 in a sign and trade with the Clippers for Felton and other Ny players
IDK i hope so {melo is da truth}
I think its a good chance he ends up in NY, but think cp3 must pick up his defense.
they can amnestity amare to make it happen and do a sign and trade...would hate to see amare go tho
if we still have melo...
why not
There has been a lack of loyalty in the NBA for the past 10 years. Players are looking for that loyalty and can find it in the agencies that represent them. CP3 & Melo have the same representation and enjoy it. The knicks are obviously plotting to make a lucrative offer to cp3 when he is free and it won't have to be that spectacular. these players have been robbed and cheated by friends, front offices, business associates and trickster agents. When they mature they just want a place to play with people they can trust. i just hope cp3 has some cartilage left in those knees when he gets here.
He wants to be part of the best franchise ever..
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the knicks would enter luxury tax territory with just 4 players if they were to acquire him. plus
Our team is like a chess-board. We have Carmelo, the King, Amar'e, another kind, Tyson, another king, and we just have to many great pieces that they'd all want to rule the team so no, we shouldn't get Chris because we don't need him, and that'd be another problem to have him co-exist with STAT and Melo.
If the Knicks look good in the beginning of the year then yes. However if starmelo is ball hoggin and messing up the offensive sets like he did last year we are screwed! If he is not happy with his role and starts pouting and forcing shots I hope the rest of the team reminds him that it is a team sport and we have the past two years experience of everyone saying Melo did what he could but it wasn't enough in the playoffs! This would lead to an unhappy MSG crowd. The boo birds will come out and the next thing you know Starmelo is off broadway! That may hurt our chances of getting him! Besides do we really need him? Sure he looks good on the highlights,...but so does Melo and we have seen what he did to our team chemistry! He killed it!
They wont sign him as a free agent, but they will Trade away all the trade able contracts that they have, like most of the people they signed this year.
Many teams will try to get CP3
CP3 is happy where he is now that the team has improved drastically. Plus he can get an extra year and $20M more from the Clips.
Chris paul is better out with blake
No money
The knicks won't have the money.