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Pete Aricio asks...
Should've done it when we had the chance! STARMelo for Dwight Howard!
Could've won the chip!

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Dam! Pete or Patrick or what ever your name is you really do hate Melo. I don't mind that and i respect your opinion,but it would be nice if you would at the very least make your questions fair to answer. just saying
both answers favor richard said my the answers fair ..keep melo tho.. dwight doesnt win anymore than melo does and he would have the garden rockin like melo do
well we all ready have 2 good centers Tyson and Camby D Howard wasnt going to play well with all of them also melo is da best thing for the knicks now melo is better than Dwight and we already have the 2 defence of player of the years stop hating what r u thinking {melo is da truth}
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@Pete Aricio SUCKS
what happened pete the houston site too boring. you are not looked at as a knick fan. nobody read your comments we already know how dum they are. btw melo
we already have tyson
Yo , make the questions fair
we have tyson
Melo 4 D.Howard! "HGDSA7 1 days ago you want to have 2 centers and 1 PF that all do the same thing yea that makes sense!! ahahahhaha. let the team grow and learn!!! team hasnt been together for a month and you want to break them up already WOW!!!SMH "Ha Ha! Everyone laugh at the clown! Who apparently has no memory to remember! Or is too young or foolish to get it! Or just responds with comments and no knowledgeable sense to bring to the table. Yes HGDSA7 Look at San Antonio The last time we made it to the finals! They were called the Twin Towers! David Robinson and a young Tim Duncan playing what? Oh yes, I do believe it was the Power forward position! Yet he is a Center right? Hmmmm... I think there defense made the paint impenetrable!Block after Block after Block! Rebound after rebound after rebound! Even though Ewing was on the decline, I as a Knick fan thought they would stand a chance if the basketball gods were just!Maybe just maybe Ewing would get the title and accolades he deserved(for all his hard work and effort,as well as riding out the favorable Jordan "rules" years) with it.But alas there are no basketball gods(I had to learn this just as all kids eventually learn there is no Santa Clause), and the truth of the matter is Ewing's knees were done and so went the dreams along with it! And so there would be no rookie Camby and old vet Ewing vs. Robinson and Duncan finals that we all wanted to see. But back to the points, you my fellow Knick fan can sit and wait for never to happen if you want. But your comment about the team not being together for a month is ridiculous and refutable! The team core(supposedly)of Melo & Stat have been together for over a year and still have yet to match the chemistry and W-L record that Gallo and Stat had with lesser parts! Who also by the way had been together less than a year(Stat had just gotten there at the beginning of the season)! WOW good lock with that theory of Chandler and two pure scorers will win anything (at the moment they cannot even beat lesser teams in reg. season games, never mind a playoff where your weaknesses are exploited night after night), no matter who is in your back court. You could have Reggie Miller(Knick killer) & MJ in their prime and it would not matter when the opposition blows past Melo and Stat at will! Chandler does not have enough fouls to give to stop it if he could! I appreciate your passion, But unfortunately you are way off base! 4 or 5 months ago! {SHUMP IS THE TRUTH!}