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Amelo16 asks...
Who do you think will start
Ronnie Brewer
JR Smith

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Much better defender. We can use JR's energy off the bench, but he takes too many shots.
jr smith would be sich a powerful player whn coming off the bench plus brewer could do a lot of significant stuff with quality minutes #defensive genius
Defense 1st! Scoring with J.R. off the bench ... although one cannot be sure J.R. is no slouch defensively!
JR produces a nice scoring punch of the bench, which would work great with Jason Kidd. Ronnie can pester the opposing offense with stifling "D" to wear the enemy down. Then JR comes in for the kill!
Much more physical and a bigger body on the court. JR can stimulate the game with his quickness when the rest of the opponent is tired!!!
Ronnie brewer because JR Smith said he wants to be were Jkidd is at {melo is da truth}
Ronnie Brewer. At least until Iman gets back. J.R. is a typical sixth man. He provides a spark that the team needs.
JR likes coming off the bench and will provide scoring, and athletism off the bench.Ronnie is coming to NY to replace Iman until he is healthy, meaning a starting player at the 2
Ronnie Brewer so we can have a defensive start... Plus we also need to give Novak some support off the bench.
defense before offense
Smith is a better player off the bench, and we need the bench to score when our starters aren't
I think hi must play better
jr is a better player coming of the bench !
I think he is more effective off of the bench.
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They know all are used of playing with Smith