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Will the Rockets win the championship with Lin in the next 3 years

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nooooooooooooooooo what type of question is this who is even on their starting lineup and they dont have a good bench so even with lin they arent going to be the best in the western conference how are they going to win a championship {melo is da truth}
Stop smoking weed!
Ha ha ha! WRONG. Well... that's only if the Rockets don't get some more good players that fit the team because Lin alone is DEFINITELY not enough for them to even get to the Western Conference Finals.
Hell No!!!!!!!!!! Lin can't play that good to carry a team. He suck and the Rockets do to.
lin is too far from the quality of a player that it takes to carry a team. Plus they dnt have a lot of talent
wahahaha )))) are you serious ??? very funny off course NOOOOOOooo
paying to much for garbage players
I think the Knicks will win before the rockets...
NO Way... Jeremy Lin Is Not Going To Make A Difference On The Rockets... Plus Even If They Go To The Championship, They're Gonna Lose To The Knicks.
their name should b th houston rejects. they are a 15-20 win team
there much more likely to make it to the last spot in the west than evan passing the first round of the playoffs!
lin is a shit
prolly the dumbest question ive seen on here yet.. smh HELL NO!!!
Absolutely not.
lin cant carry the rockets
Lin is not a game changer.
they dont have a team... i mean except for Kevin
I doubt it very much.
They don't have enough pieces.