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Anthony Le asks...
Who do you think will be the starting at point

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he fits a lot better with the run and gun type of offense
he will start kidd will end
Stats and Felton played good with each other. But people don't know that Melo,Stats and Felton use to play with each other when they was younger.
JKidd is 39 folks...he can only give us a good 20 minutes
ALTHOUGH I WOULD NOT BE SUPRISED TO SEE kIDD IF WE HIT A SPEED BUMP IN THE SEASON! WITH A CHIP COMES RESPECT! And if they start J.R. at the 2 we will be hurting for offense with the second unit should Woodson need to rest the starters or if there is foul trouble from our scorers. They may tinker with Kidd at the two as well until SHUMP returns! {SHUMP IS THE TRUTH}
Young, athletic, plays well Amare and can put down the occasional 3 ball.
I hope Felton loses weight and gets into shape. Felton can make a huge difference with his ability to score and dish the ball.
Kidd is old.
better start
although kidd got a better experience felton its the guy to go since he already knows the system
Why not.. J kid can start but at this point I think he's best off the bench!!!
felton {melo is da truth}
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must be Kidd because he a champion he had much basketball IQ
helps melo and amare with their shots
kidd is awesome i never heard of felton sorry if i knew you il will check but no kidd