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Co'Killa asks...
Ronnie Brewer is a Knick now. Whats your opinion?
Like The Move
Don't Like The Move

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He's young, he's got good perimeter defense, and he can start at SG until Shump comes back so that J.R. can stay on the bench. He's not a good shooter, but he's an upgrade from Landry I'll tell you that.
As long as he can defend Ray Allen or Rondo till Shumpert gets back, I LIKE IT! {SHUMP IS THE TRUTH}
just the guy we needed now that fields no longer with us !
now we have 4 amazing defenders chandler, shumpert, camby, and brewer. which will improve are dfence alot!
for 1.5 million a year how could you not like it.. when landry wanted damn near 7 ...better player for less play..i love the move
Great defender and much better than Landry
This team will rank high on the defensive stats and Brewer's going to help big time.
he can be such a valuable piece to the knicks whn winning a championship
We needed a defensive SG to temporarily replace Shump, and we did.
Good defensive guard
check this out!!!!!!!!!!!
Great pick up for the Knicks.
till shumpert comes back
it don't really matter
i dont care {melo is da truth}
Very talented player, he will compliment the stars on the team. Wish we could've grabbed Carlos Delfino too..
I like it he's young good defense good shooting & he works hard.
An upgrade for us... He very Defensive-minded and can rebound; especially since we acquired so many older players... (Kid, Camby, Thomas & Prigioni)
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hate it