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Amelo16 asks...
Will Team USA win the rest of their games by a blow out

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it is possible, However I do not like all the wear and tear on two of our starters! {SHUMP IS DA TRUTH}
melo da truth
spain will be the only challenge cuz of ibaka and the gasol brothers but i hope
usa is raw
usa baby
I think team USA are going to really step it up & destroy because they seem to really be enjoying themselves.
i would hope so {melo is da truth}
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They'll win all of their games but some of them will be by less than 15 points.
They will win all of their games, but they're gonna wit it by like ten points.
They will not be blowing out Spain.
Hardly beating brasil.
Not necessarily... anything is possible in a good game of B-Ball but it is highly possible especially if Melo, LBJ, and Durant get on fire....
No, wish we had another big man to help Chandler. We will win the gold, but it will not be easy. U.S.A all the way!