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aWnyaLin asks...
who made this "rivalry/issues" bet. Melo and Lin? w/c is just ridiculous

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Both media and fans...
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media {melo is da truth}
Media is known for doing such.. and shall remain know for such many many come!
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It all started with the uprising of LINsanity right before Melo had that groin injury. The Lin fanatics suddenly realized that once Melo was healthy again, Lin would not be the big-shot anymore. So the fanatics started flaming Melo and saying "Oh, Melo can't adjust to the system; Melo's not a team player; he's jealous of Lin, blah blah blah." It's utter foolishness. Here's an article that disproves this:
The Lin Fans.
both! media reporting and speculating! and some fans of both players being blind to reality!
Melo haters