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Pete Aricio asks...
Get a back up C a star SF & a Starting PG & w.chandler and... For Melo ?
Good idea!
noIwuld give up all that

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this pete guy loves him some melo. i think his real problem is lala got 2 melo 1st so now he spends all day posting negative comments about melo>>>>>>>LMAOOO #HATER
You're forgetting that the Knicks also got Chauncey Billups and Renaldo Balkman, so it's not like the trade was a total failure. And Pete Aricio, you're not fooling me. You're obviously Patrick Auricchio III, that know-nothing who likes to blame Melo for all of the Knicks' failures.
(WARNING) Melo hating will effect your thinking.
good idea {melo is da truth}
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Last time I check, teams grasp hold of a star(s) and build around them. Why spend so much to get one of the best player in the league/world and turn around and get rid of him and he's not the one killing the team... wake up haters...if you are so good at analyzing, why don't you analyze your azzez to the bench and in the game!!!
i would never give up a top 3 clutch player in the league .. ur drunk
Melo = da truth