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Pete Aricio asks...
Isn't it telling that Nash wanted to play with rival Kobe over StarMelo!
No, Melo 4 prez
Yes,but he wants a ring!

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Nash had nothing but good things to say about Melo, unlike you buddy!
Steve Nash went to LA because it was closer to his family's home in PHX and the Lakers had more money to offer him than the Knicks did. So stop trying to make Melo look bad. It's so goddamned annoying...!
he is playing for the lakers so he can be closer to he family smartness {melo is da truth}
not necessarily my friend. look at all the players that chose us over another team (Felton, Camby, Kid, Brewer) If they didn't want to play with Melo, the would have signed elsewhere for much more lucrative contracts like Nash did!!! You SOBs hate yourselves just like the true knick fans hate MJ and Lebron!
We don't need Nash for a ring.
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1.First of all I find it funny the same three people keep responding negatively to my Questions! I suppose it is O.K. in your mind to defend Melo ... But do not mis-construe that to represent that I have no right to defend the dignity of the organization I proudly have followed since the days of Johnny Newman,Kenny "SKY" Walker and so on.. I want Melo to be an awesome and productive member of the team .. but it appears the MNGMNT. has chosen to allow him to be destructive with no repercussions. And I am disappointed he seems to be doing to us what he did to Denver! Remember Nash lives in N.Y. during the off season so if N.Y. was too far from family he would not be here in the NBA off season! L.A. is not in Arizona so the point of family is mute unless he was re-signing with Phoenix! If D'antoni were still the coach I believe Nash would be a Knick as we were reportedly looking forward to bringing him in when his contract with the SUNS was up for two years. With D'antoni J.Lin would probably be on board as well.The story of family is lip service for yur information a man that has the financial means of Nash is not really going to sweat a longer plane ride that much is he? Fact Nash has class and would not say publicly that he doesn't want to be a part of the circus that has become the Carmelo Knicks! 2.We could've gotten Melo as a F.A. and had a bomb team last year!Unfortunately Melo makes me dislike him! We gave up too much for his greed! As I recall he wanted the trade to NY before the rules change to allow him to sign a contract above the now Max deal per year. That in fact destroys our team finances! We couldve kept Gallo,Ray Felton, and wilson Chandler plus Mosgov! Added Melo, and if the same scenario played itself out with J.Lin we could've been in a better position to offer him a contract before Houston and avoided alot of hate! Now if Melo can do what he sometimes does, play Team ball and defense, instead of Melo me ball, we can still go far. I just do not like his wax figure achievement, selfish play, and talking down J.Lin's contract when his own contract was more important to him then being on a winning TEAM!Yet he did definitely say beforehand he wanted to play in NY for the Knicks! That part I liked! I thought George Karl was just a jealous hater and was mad he couldn't get Melo to submit to him or make the team better with Melo their for whatever reason! I now believe Karl is a smart man, and was frustrated with Melo's me first style of play and I am the man attitude! D'antoni knew it! He is gone! J.Lin saw it and was trying to help he is gone!The thing I feel they had in common was no respect from Melo!STAT is the man! He came to NY and actually made the team better while shining! AND HE CAME BEFORE ANYONE ELSE! Now thank goodness STAT has not been shipped out! And they will not bounce Tyson either! I think this is why they added players like Kidd,Camby and Thomas to help Melo get it and he has to respect them! If not I will expect a lot of trade requests or Knicks ballers may be hitting more than fire extinguisher cases in our locker room! 3.I do not blame everything on Melo, I am simply venting my displeasure with him and the team because of him! And listing factual reasons why!True his attitude and play have swayed me from being a fan of his and I am truly dissapointed about that cause he looks damn good putting it in the bucket! BUT we need to be winners and champions more than a star who can score!I AS A LIFELONG KNICKERBOCKER FAN HAVE THE RIGHT TO CRITICIZE! 5.I do hope that he plays at the level we need him 2 to win that chip. I am just very skeptical at this point! Yes he forced the trade from Denver I am well aware of that! But the fact is the Knicks knew he was coming here and were afraid if they didn't get him he may have signed with whoever Denver traded him to before free agency. They got held up and should have just said no thanks to the trade! Then if Melo signed with us anyways it would have made him a little less money but earned him a lot more respect with NY fans! I hope he proves to be a better player for the team this year then he has ever shown in his entire NBA career so far! If not he will just add to his LEGACY in my mind as a failure at the highest level! {SHUMP IS THE TRUTH!}
he wanted be done with basketball after this