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Can jason kid get us to the chip at his age? your thoughts

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why not, he's one of the best 2 ever do it.
He's got experience. The steady decision makers on the court are the catalyst behind the play makers.
one word experience
yes he can
I think Kidd feeding a healthy Stat & chandler then Melo it could be very interesting.
cause he is getting old nd has been to the nba finals a lot of times
i guess we going to get him his second ring next season {melo is da truth}
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Maybe if we would've traded the wax figure guy for a productive team player! I cannot believe they let Lin go after getting Kidd? Seemed like a perfect fit! Now lets say J.Lin wants to be back in N.Y. after his contract is up? he has had no kidd to teach him until then. I will n0t say it is required but it wouldn't have hurt at all! Not to mention he is NOT COMING BACK! I think Melo wanted Kidd on the TEAM cause he wacked J.Lin lol! This guy is a monster! But not in a good way like EWING or HAKEEM! If Lin were on another team last year and the same linsanity happened we would all be cursing the melo Chandler and STAT contracts cause we couldn't afford to sign him! Fact he is young and drives the lane and dishes and is clutch! We might consider trading for him! Who else would you want on your team? SMH!Who would you get rid of?
Maybe but he would be better with lin
We need more honestly. put who were up against in perspective: Lebron, dwade, bosh. And Durant, Ibaka, and Westbrook.