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matteo1156 asks...
Raymond Felton> Jeremy Lin

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Felton's a more seasoned player with experience and he does not seem to be money hungry.. the motive to win is there. Lin may have made the worst mistake of his NBA career. If he does not produce he'll be on the chopping blocks again next season like Houston does all its players..
More experienced and can successfully run the P&R.
rsymond felton
He's head, aggressive enough to take charge when needed. He will distribute the ball where needed and force the action when necessary. He just has to avoid the random poor shot..
he is better then lin in area lik passing and not turning the ball over lik lin {melo is da truth}
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Who went after Felton?us! Who would want Lin on their team? US! except we have MELO and all his DRAMA!And his 1st round exits, and his WAX FIGURE! We want CHIPS NOT WAX! {SHUMP is THE TRUTH!}