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Pete Aricio asks...
when will the knicks realise the mistake and trade carmelo off the team?
very soon, I HOPE
Well after it's too late

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i go were ever melo go i would like him to come to bulls with derrick rose
Obviously this question is not for the fake Knick fans..aka..Meloriders,Cannot wait till your gone! You fake fans do not know the game! 1st off if Melo was the man,and wanted to be here for a chip instead of the spotlight that automatically comes with winning basketball and winning a chip, he would've let Denver play someone else in a trade then signed here as a F.A.!!! Second he has never been man enough to come out and say this is not HIS team,Stat was here first and he is honnered to have a chance to play with him in the biggest baddest and greatest city on earth! Third his ego keeps getting in the way of winning team basketball! What other player in NBA history has made negative comments about another's contract? Especially a teamate at the time? NO CLASS! Fourth We have lost a winning teams worth of players and a coach to his B.S.! Either directly or indirectly! Fifth Melo earned a WAX FIGURE in New York! While LBJ got a chip in MIAMI? Since when have real New Yorkers been happy with wax? Do not lie riders. Sixth he has effected Management negatively at a time we could've gotten over the hump with or without him! I would take Gallo and/or Lin over him any day! Nash would rather play for the rival Lakers than endure Melodrama even with Stat on the team! MELO is still on the team and making us worse!Meanwhile Lin was not signed and brought excitement ,cash, fans in the sold out seats,a real team atmosphere,stand up guy who has a good background,intelligence,gave the fans a reason to believe we were getting better, cause we were getting better,and most of all WINS! good luck with MELO DRAMA till it is over and we can win again! IN THE PLAYOFFS WHEN IT MATTERS! {STERN IS DA TRUTH!}
well melo is a great player nd they need a player like him so they will not trade him till his contract expiers
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well i guess this another guy who is upset that the over rated lin has been sent packing so he blames melo like melo is signing checks now. I didn't get the news that melo became the Knicks Gm. you would trade melo and everybody else to keep a unproven guy because he had a good 7 or 8 game never mind the fact that he was scared to death of miami. Letting melo go would be like the lakers letting kobe go. by the way I've been a knicks fan since before the internet through the highs and the lows dude. I didn't just jump on the wagon when Lin came in the picture. I like our team with or without Lin! true fan oh & by the way "melo is the truth"
Well first off melo is raw and i do agree with u they should have waited and sign him as a F.A but sence they traded for he they were able to get more weapons also melo is hungry for a championship when he seen Stat go to the NYK he wanted to come to so they can win a championship and with da roster we have now we will win a championship and why would u trade melo of all people come on {MELO IS DA TRUTH}
The problem here is that to appease both "Guitar Jimmy" and the Garden fans they feel that star power is the only way that a championship can be attained. Unfortunately, with Melo's game such as it is you will live and die by whether or not his show is on and if decides to share the wealth with the other players on the floor. He can kill a teammates game as well as help it, more than not the case is the former....