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stefanolopicco1 asks...
will rockets and knicks be rivals now?
yes because of lin
no we will respect lin

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lin's no melo, see ya
not one tear shed over the trade.
lin is a traitor bottom line!!
he a trader
we loved lin
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not unless Ewing and Olajuwan start bangin' again! I am a Knick fan but I know Lin is not here because of Melo. Because of this I cannot wait for Lin to outscore Melo in MSG while the crowd cheers! I only wish he would stick out his tongue while doing so, but he probably has too much class for that!
there is no rivalry here or no other team. they will not win more than 20 games this season
no even with lin they still arent any copation {melo is da truth}
No, the Knicks rivals are clearly in the Eastern conference, only seeing the Rockets twice a season does not make for a rivalry.... The games will be interesting in that now you have to ensure that your guard can take Lin out of his game and render him ineffective....
You picked "no we will respect lin". Tell us why.