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stefanolopicco1 asks...
should we trade melo?

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OMG did someone mention Melo inthe same response as EWING? How insulting! I hope after he finally goes you will follow him to the new team he destroys! That is the truth!
I do love Melo but if we have the chance to get a true team leader for instence a lebron type figure i would hope we sign
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he is amazin he is our SUPERSTAR he loves playing for the knicks if they do trade melo then i'm out
Absolutely not, melo is our Star player and a closer. Its unfortunate that he Lin n him won't play together but yup melo All day
No, because you can't realistically get anything for him. And on another note, they should not have given up the youth that they had in Harrelson and Jordan to get older.....stupid and extremely questionable moves[I smell Zeke's hand in this somewhere]...
thats would be the dumbest this to do
nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo melo is da best thing that happen to the knicks sence patrick ewing and why would u trade melo {melo is da truth}
are you crazy?