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Chazz79 asks...
i guess we are better when stoudi get back in rhythm as lin stay in NY

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stat keeps getting hurt when he gets back in his rhythm he is unstopable {melo is da truth}
no more lin sorry but Melo! melo! melo! melo melo melo melo melo melo melo melo
? No mention of Melo? I love it! That's the truth!
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Lin was good feeding the ball to stoudi
You had a good group when Felton was initially here along with Chandler, Gallo, and the rest. What was wrong then and finally rectified was the removal of D'Amphoni and his lack of defensive knowledge or willingness to bring someone on the staff that even remotely had a clue of how to play some [and no that ain't Herb and why is he still here on the bench{is he Zeke's stand-in for under the table duties with "Guitar Jimmy"?}] Amari will never fully mesh with Melo because as a screen and roll player with horrible hands and weak post up moves he as to be moving in and around the basket...that can't happen when the offense shuts down as Melo decides to size up the opposing five on the floor and do his thing in his time So no, unless Felton can perform a miracle then Stat is better coming off the bench with the second unit and rolling with Camby...