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Chazz79 asks...
Are the Knick complete now, or do we need some more trades?

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pretty much maybe a few more pieces but good looking team our front court is solid felton is going to do a great job this year, I think better then lin. he has a healthy chip on his shoulder i think things are looking good. and before everyone starts talking about the older guys remember these guy's are vets that leave it all on the court.
we are not totally complete but we are still good enongh to win a championship {melo is da truth}
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sign and trade for chris paul next season and we are set for a dynasty
The need younger legs and hungrier players, they had that at least in Harrelson. Jordan was an admitted project but playing time in Woodson's system would have ferreted out whether he was going to have an impact. There are still some decent bodies out there and the GM needs to try and et some youth back on the roster...
we lost lin and the ability to get any real team players thanx to the Melo contract! He is a perennial loser in the play-offs that's the TRUTH! I hope it changes or he gets traded for some real talented team basketball player(s) until then we are out of the chip talk!