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will felton hand the ball to stat and melo beter then lin?

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hell yeah!!! pete aricio you are such a hater if you are so negative with these fellas go root for another team you phony!!!!!
he cannot score like Lin, and he has history with STAT! And he will not play if he doesn't get Melo the ball! So yes he will! He has a lot to prove!
He will take less chances with his passes, he will force the players on the floor to create space and move without the ball. There will definitely be less leaving his feet and passing in traffic...but scoring wise it's hit or miss. He will have his good nights and off ones too, but the ball will get distributed and he will get plaers involved.
lin wasnt really play with melo and stat {melo is da truth}
I think he has something to prove.
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well since felton is out of shape so i really don't know
Even thought he might play good with Stat, but what about Melo. Lin play good with only one of them in the court, who know what Felton can do...