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why are the knicks getting old players?
to mentor the young
dolans a retard

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veteran teams wins championships okc was younger compared to stupid mimai so they won
we goin to win da championship thats all folks {melo is da truth}
vets dont make the mistakes a lot of the younger guys make.
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I am definitely not a "guitar Jimmy" fan and yes he botched the Lin deal as much as Lin did because he let his ego get in the way. Now on these moves though the onus is on the GM, it was his lamebrain decision to pursue both Camby and Kidd, then Thomas. Not only do you give p a good role player in Harrelson, then length and height in Jordan you give up future draft picks and only get one player from the deal and one who's nearly 40!!! Experience is fine, but Kidd had history in his later year with NJ and none of that was good history ( and now he's already acting up!), Camby hasn't played a full season in years so what was the point of that exercise. You then trade away Jefferies for Felton (hello McFly, that move could have been made after you had resigned Lin!!!)... so now they are essentially scrambling trying to "bring in experience" to get beyond the first round of the playoffs...good luck with that one. There are still decent younger players to be had, go get some of them without further having to mortgage the farm....