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aWnyaLin asks...
What do you think of the line-up now w/o Jeremy,Landry & Jared?
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better without those bums
They will be better with m ore experience
remember folks this website is Knicksnow now LinNow
Changing faces... To think about it, we got routed by the Heat while everyone except Landry was injury prone and Landry's games was off for the majority of the season. After looking at the faces on the roster. I like our chances even better this year. We know Camby and Thomas are good Defenders (though old). Camby has the edge on offense of the two. Kid, though old still has a deadly game. Felton can focus again, i hope. I like what i see from White and Copeland... we have three of the best big three in the league. Let's see what the chemistry is after they start putting things together. We still have - Shump, Vak, Stat, Melo, Tyson, and JR - from last year who already knows the system. I think we have something good brewing and my only questing is the age coming off the bench.
Not champion caliber but better than last year. The lost of Lin sucks I wish they kept him. But we still r better
we goin to win da championship {melo is da truth}
Not championship caliber but doesnt suck either
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Fields game deteriorated when Melo came on board and clearly dissed Fields at every opportunity, Lin brought a level of excitement back to the Garden...Jared weakness was he was an offensive liability. No outside sot to really speak of, no post up moves and he'd occasionally blow easy layups sooooooo the excitement for this team is when all things flowed on both sides of the ball. There's no telling when/where they will regain that again..........
Neither! Melo sucks and is boring! Any other player with his type of stats would've added to the Knicks wins! And added to the offensive potency! not MELO! {STERN IS DA TRUTH!}