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will the knicks win a championship in the next 10 years?
hell yeah!!!!!
no way

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When they finally dump MELO! Hurry up Knicks! J.Lin is gone and your stiil dissen him? SMH! If he stayed you would still be riding him,LOL! He didn't want to be embarrassed like STAT attempting to win with MELO! As far as 30 ppg. Maybe in houston but really there is no need for him to do it he is already better than Melo in my book! You who love Melo do not have to play with him! And if you did you would hate it or he would have you ousted like d'antoni, Lin, Feilds,J.Jefries,Jorts! He wants no threat to his superiority! He makes the Knicks a tragic story!{STERN IS DA TRUTH!}
I'm a believers but a ton of things have to fall into a good strong core of players and sprinkle in some veteran mentorship
no jeremy my ass he played 26 games and all the sudden hes beter then he didnt play in the playoffs because he didnt want to get imbarrised by lebron and wadewe dont need lin we got felton he a beter defender and lin is not much beter at shooting.he played crappy teams and if melo was ok he could crush those me when hes 30 PPG then u can compare him to melo.
Who knows but 10 years is to damn far down the line. What is your ass going to be doing in 10 tens.
there time is coming
Deep as hell, best front court in the NBA
of course {melo is da truth}
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No Jeremy, No Knicks! You saw the playoff, No Jeremy, No playoff! Melo? You got Melo, did they pass the first round? Sorry New York!
not unless the team gets sold to someone actually INTELLIGENT.
dont even bring jeremy's name up in the same sentence with playoffs cuz he bailed on us when all our gaurds were going down with injuries. he's sitting on the bench after being cleared by doctors saying he cant play cuz he's only 85%. that was as weak a move as his left hand dribble. if u ask me he didn't want 2 get embarrassed