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will felton be beter then lin?
hell no!!!

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Raymond is not scared of big games and has a lot of confidence. The proof is there he showed up in 2010 against Boston
another typical jeremy lin fan question. juss look at their numbers with the knicks and we'll c who's better. LIN pts 14 assist 6 TURNOVERS 3.6 FELTON pts 17 assist 9 TURNOVERS 1.9
hes a much better player
You picked "yes". Tell us why.
he will be {melo is da truth}
in seven years in the league Felton has proven to be consistent, he has never been a one hit wonder that choked up against the quality teams. Unlike LIn that choked up against miami and the celtics
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Isn't it obvious. if you look at the status. Lin was better than him before, and Lin will be much better than in the future. In addition, Felton becomes too fat, but he might suit for Melo's ego. So long. I don't care for Knicks anymore when Lin doesn't wear 17. Byebye. Don't think Melo and Felton and Kidd would go very far next season. I know you'd regret. But who cares?
Are you joking? Let's see if they pass .500?