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GRenaissance19 asks...
Are you now a Brooklyn Net's Fan or a Knicks Fan.
Brooklyn Nets
New York Knicks

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rockets fan now
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I'm from Queens not Brooklyn - KNICKS ARE STILL THE ONLY NEW YORK TEAM (It's not the NY Nets - it's the Brooklyn Nets). A sincere shout-out to Brooklyn but I'm just saying....
NYK, all day, everyday, all the way. I'm a Brooklynite, but the Nets are irrelevent as far as I'm concerned. The Knicks have always been New York's team and if you're a diehard sports fan, you gotta ride or die with your team. You can't just jump ship because your favorite player is gone or because the Nets moved into your borough. Ain't no parking space in NYC for fake fans.
BARELY! EVER SINCE THE MELO TRADE IT IS HARDER TO ADMIT I AM THAN THE LOST YEARS FOR REAL! Move after move proves he is horrible for this team! One day he will be gone along with the fake fans he brought! And most of them hate on LIN fans! At least Lin started to play well here first! If we kept him we could've been proud of his accomplishments! MELO! PSST! HE is a bad move for any team! And I am embarrassed to be a die hard Knickerbocker fan but, I will live through this just as I have for many other bad regimes! TRADE MELO!{STERN IS DA TRUTH!}
i'm mostly a knicks fan cuz I'm a melo fan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Knicks all day {melo is da truth}
Brooklyn doesn't exist as a NY team to me
dumb question after linsanity here are still real knicks fans:-)
Why even mention the NETS in this question.. It should be ARE YOU A KNICKS FAN?... PERIOD!!!
what kind of question is this for real knicks fan. I guess all the Lin bandwagoners need a new wagon to jump onboard, so the nets will be there fix.