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Quis_Da_Realist asks...
Who will be better in 2-3 years. Should Knicks take felton or Lin.

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Lin will be better and they should keep Lin. Lin gets into the paint and makes other people better
we need lin!!!
as long as he is not injured! Felton is good,But we cannot win with MELO! {STERN IS DA TRUTH!}
HHes younger and a major asset to ur team hevmade you a ton of money and now u won't resign him watch your attendence drop
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FELTON!!! Never wanted him to go - If we had him we would've went deeper into the Playoffs. FELTON IS THE BEST PG FOR THE KNICKS -- WATCH AND SEE!!! Appreciate what Lin did but.... AND NO, LIN IS NOT A BETTER PG - He was just more exciting for the time (Great stories all come to an end). Thank you Lin BUT PEACE!!! Could've Stayed If You Wanted To!!!
Felton is better now and he will be better in 2-3 years. Felton had average more points and assist then Lin.People have to let go of those 7 good games out of 35 Lin had GO!!!!!!!!.
better player and he gets to learn from jkidd
i say felton because he is going to win a championship with da knicks {melo is da truth}
my guy ray felton..hes gonna be consistent lin you still dont know.. and playing alone on the rockets will make him look worse.. thats the only player teams will have to scout so hes gonna get shut down
felton felton felton felton
do u no why we lost the first playoff round because we need a true PG but lin is not true he sucks thats why we lost